Pair Mark Levinson No. 436 Monoblock Power Amplifier Orig Box

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 by 3mahighendaudio posted on Feb 23, 2020 17:45

pair mark levinson no 436 monoblock power amplifier orig box
Pair Mark Levinson No. 436 Monoblock Power Amplifier. Amp was service at PYRMAID Audio Austin Tx. Amps are in perfect working condition, with some light scratches. Come with original box and foam. Condition is Used. Shipped with UPS Ground....
Onsale for $ 4,995.00 and shipping from Houston, more on eBay...

 by tjpilosi posted on Feb 20, 2020 01:08

mark levinson 38 preamplifier
Mark Levinson 38 preamplifier. Condition is Used. This unit is in perfect condition. Have used it as a preamp for my Acoustic Signature turntable. Do not have remote. Inputs: two stereo balanced (XLR), four single-ended (RCA), one Mark Levinson Link communications connector, one 1/8" mini-jack for external IR repeater. Outputs: one balanced stereo main output (XLR), one single-ended stereo main output (RCA), two stereo record outputs (RCA), one Mark Levinson Link communication connector. Dimensions: 15.75" W by 3.76" H by 14" D. Weight: 35 lbs....
Onsale for $ 1,650.00 and shipping from Clovis, more on eBay...

 by highperformancestereohollywood posted on Feb 23, 2020 21:25

mark levinson ml 3 worldwide shipping possible
200 W/channel at 8 ohms, 400 W/ch at 4 ohms, 800 W/ch at 2 ohmsMaximum output: 45 volts 30 amperesTwo 1.2 kVA toroidal transformers, 4 Sprague 36,000 µF, 100 V capacitors and 40 output devices (20 per channel)Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz with less than 0.2% total harmonic distortionGold-plated CAMAC input connectorsAdjustable AC voltage: No, factory setAdjustable output damping toggle switches (one per channel) (in later models only)Weight: 116 lb (56 kg) This is difficult to ship, we would need to crate depending on where you live. Please inquire with a postal code We have over 1000 items for sale....
Onsale for $ 2,865.00 and shipping from Hollywood, more on eBay...

 by 169glazier posted on Feb 24, 2020 18:01

mark levinson 432 amplifer amp
Mark Levinson 432 Amplifer Amp. Condition is Used. Works & Sounds Exc. Some Scratches see pics. It has NOT been re capped it does not need it. it has no hum and is Dead Quiet. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY NO SHIPPING it weights 125lbs. I do not have a box for it New Retailed for $9,000.00...
Onsale for $ 1,900.00 and shipping from San Lorenzo, more on eBay...

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